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31 Aug 2010 | Auxiliary

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New Hu-Friedy instrument sharpening service in Australia

In order for quality dental instruments to preserve the original design and edges, they are required to be cared for and maintained. This is applicable for orthodontic pliers, surgical instruments and scissors. This procedure requires a highly skilled and meticulous approach from craftsmen using the correct machines and with a keen eye for detail.

In 2004, Bob Callaghan approached Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company to offer his services in Australia to ensure that quality instruments could be maintained and sharpened without having to send these items to Chicago. Training subsequently occurred in the various processing sections at Hu-Friedy with the various experienced personnel, learning repair and the fine details of instrument manufacturing. This resulted in the certification by Hu-Friedy of "Callsharpening" and the only service centre in the world outside of Chicago.

The sharpening machinery required to achieve the precise angles and edges is compact yet cumbersome and ensure the precise angles are recreated.

Dental practices send orthodontic pliers to be realigned, sharpened and buffed. Although these pliers have not always been in the best condition, Mr Callaghan assesses the possibility of gaining more usage or if the purchase of a new instrument is required.

All instruments have a 'life' which is determined by numerous factors including procedures they have been designed to undertake, care during usage, processing and frequency of use. Variations of these factors will determine the longevity.

Callsharpening service is offered throughout Australia and New Zealand and the time frame of processing varies depending on the amount of reconstruction involved and work load.

Based in Queensland, Callsharpening's services include sharpening, restoring serrations, joint alignment and complete restoration of your instruments.


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Staying Safe


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