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31 May 2022 | Oral Hygiene

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Upload your videos to Dentevents.TV now and win a smartphone gimbal

Dentevents.TV has launched a brand new feature to allow anyone working in dentistry to upload and share videos that's easier than ever. Simply login at www.dentevents.tv and click "Upload Video" to get started.

Whether you have a webinar recording, a product hack, a clinical technique, a product review or unboxing, a diatribe on difficult patients or some wisdom or humour about dentistry, you're invited to share your video with your peers through the site.

Plus, the author of the video that receives the most votes before August 31 will receive a DJI OM 5 Smartphone Gimbal Stabiliser (Phone not included) to help you make even better videos in the future.

"Dentevents.TV has continued to grow in popularity following its launch during the first COVID lockdown, but moving forward, we need to attract more content to take it to the next level," said Dentevents.TV publisher Joseph Allbeury. "We have a great catalogue of dental videos available free and on demand 24/7 from a variety of sources already, but now we're looking for more content created by members of the dental community.

"Many people working in dentistry are already prolific content creators and we want to engage with these people and encourage them to use dentevents.tv as an additional way to share their videos with their peers.

"Part of this is making it far easier to load videos and part of this is incentivising videos creators to share their content."

Up until now, the only way to post videos on Dentevents.TV was by logging in to the www.dentalcommunity.com.au website, clicking Manage Your Videos and then uploading your video. However, now you can upload videos directly through the Dentevents.TV website.

The latest videos all appear under "Recently Added" and a new "VOTE" button has been added to enable anyone to vote for the videos they like.

"You have to login to Dentevents.TV to watch the videos and vote," Mr Allbeury said. "Each person can only vote once for a video, but they can also vote for multiple videos. So if you load a video onto the site, then it's in your interests to encourage your friends to login as well and vote for it. The VOTE button activates after you have watched the video."

For more info, visit Dentevents.TV. It's free to login and watch any of the videos 24/7.


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