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31 Jul 2011 | Auxiliary

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Booking website offers free trial

Dental Bookings is Australia's first website to take online bookings for dental practitioners is offering a free trial until the end of August.

Using the service, dentists, specialists, hygienists, therapists and prosthetists from all over the country can publish appointments they have available on the Dental Bookings website for patients to view and select.

Patients search by location, name, date, and/or service. The site's filter will list the most relevant search results. Patients then select the time that suits them and an email and/or SMS is sent to the practitioner and the patient. Essentially, Dental Bookings connects people in need of dental care with the appropriate practitioner.

Dental Bookings is very simple to use. It does not require a lot of time or computer knowledge and makes booking patients easier. You don’t even need your own practice website!

Designed and developed by Australian dentist, Dr Cherekee Duncan, Dental Bookings understands the challenges of running a dental practice. Dr Duncan has worked in her own general practice and other private practices for over 12 years.

"I had the idea for this site when I was flat out and booked up for 6 weeks," she said. "New patients were calling the reception and we didn't know who to refer them to. They all said that they had tried calling all the local practices and couldn't get an appointment. My goal with Dental Bookings is to bridge the gap and help patients find appointments more easily and help other practitioners fill their appointment gaps".

Dental Bookings solves this issue of frustration for patients and takes pressure off the front desk for practitioners.

Dental Bookings is a powerful business tool. For any dental practitioner with gaps in their appointment book, or are looking to start a new dentist/auxiliary, Dental Bookings can increase the number of bookings. The new Dental Bookings site can expand any practitioners working hours or days and boost their annual turnover. And the best benefit is that Dental Bookings can accept appointment bookings online anytime, even when the reception staff have gone home.

When you consider the power of the new Dental Bookings website now available in Australia, it makes good business sense and is also great value for money.

Staying Safe

Staying Safe

Staying Safe


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