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31 Jul 2017 | Oral Hygiene

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Connected devices: The future of oral health in the home

In a society dominated by the use of advanced technology, accessible at our fingertips, the question continues to be asked - how can connected devices contribute to improving Australians' oral health, particularly in the home?

Teaching and encouraging our children in particular to lead healthy lives and develop life-long habits such as cleaning their teeth, while vitally important, can be one of the most difficult daily tasks a parent faces. Morning and nighttime routines often go beyond an expected 15-minutes to well over an hour as kids rebel against the task of brushing.

So how can we get our kids interested in cleaning their teeth?

Phillips have developed a fun and innovative solution to getting Aussie kids to brush morning and night. Newly launched, the Philips Sonicare for Kids Connected Toothbrush uses Bluetooth technology to create a whole new dimension in oral health care. Connecting the toothbrush wirelessly to a mobile gaming app on smart phones and tablets, kids are immersed in a fun and educational game, helping them learn how to brush their teeth properly. Using a fun-loving character, "Sparkly", kids are immersed in his world virtually, assisting him in brushing his teeth as they too clean theirs, picking up virtual rewards along the way.

Philips Sonicare Ambassador and leading Sydney dentist, Dr David Dunn said, "while as adults we learn over time that brushing your teeth is crucial, as parents it can be difficult to get kids on-board, let alone excited about brushing their teeth, as they simply can't see the direct pay off.

"The Philips Sonicare for Kids Connected toothbrush is a great way for parents to help educate their kids about brushing their teeth, associating a fun and rewarding activity with tooth brushing rather than as a chore that needs to be completed as quickly as possible."

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