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15 Mar 2011 | Auxiliary

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FOXTEL Business packages give dental practices a competitive edge

Research has shown that the art of distraction can be a powerful tool for both waiting and treatment rooms - so FOXTEL Business has designed cost-effective entertainment packages to help dental practices take full advantage of the quality and diversity of its channels and programming schedules.

For around the cost of a daily coffee, FOXTEL Business can deliver tailored short-form programming that makes waiting times seem shorter, the chair less intimidating and the trip to the dentist a whole lot more entertaining.

Distraction works on two fronts. At reception, entertainment reduces perceived waiting times and keeps patients happier while they wait. In the chair, distraction goes a long way to reducing apprehension and improving the patient’s experience.

“Anxiety is a common feeling experienced by patients, even if they’re just coming in for a routine clean. Audio/visual distraction can often be soothing in these cases,” Mr David Pritchard, National Manager, FOXTEL Business Sales, said.

“Being in an uncomfortable situation is often easier to deal with if you have something else to focus on. Being distracted by your favourite program or music video while you’re having a dental procedure can make the situation much more pleasant.”

So why choose FOXTEL Business as an alternative to a basic DVD library or free-to-air TV?

“The dentists we’ve consulted tell us that having patients choose their own DVDs can really slow down the work-flow. Booting up a new DVD for every patient is quite time-consuming and the likelihood they’ll ever reach the end of the program is low,” Mr Pritchard said.

Keeping the DVD library current is also not a cheap or time-efficient exercise either, and over time the most popular DVDs need replacing due to wear and tear.

“In contrast, handing over a FOXTEL remote control is quick and easy and program gratification is immediate,” he said.

“Also, compelling choice in viewing is a unique feature of the FOXTEL Business package and offers something of interest for every patient - Nickelodeon for kids, drama and documentaries for adults, sport, lifestyle, music and news. Simply, FOXTEL can provide more options that fit nicely into short appointments but can also accommodate longer procedures. It also enables the surgery to ensure that programming content is suitable for all their patients.”

Multi-room FOXTEL systems allow individual programming for each TV. By offering noise-cancelling headphones, it means work can proceed in peace and quiet. If patients or practices prefer not to use headphones, closed captioning means there is no need to miss any of the action.

“Dental practices are showing a strong interest in harnessing the power of TV distraction. Whether retrofitting an existing surgery or incorporating FOXTEL in the design for a new surgery, it’s a smart decision,” Mr Pritchard said.

“At the end of the day, a more positive patient experience can impact the bottom line – with increased patient loyalty and more word-of-mouth referrals. FOXTEL Business packages are a cost- effective way to offer entertaining relief and make the patient experience less stressful,” he said.

And connecting to FOXTEL can be a simple and stress-free experience for the surgery or dental practice, with a typical installation usually taking less than a couple of hours.

Find out more about FOXTEL Business packages at

Top five tips for using FOXTEL in your practice...

  • Short-form programming is ideal for typical appointment times - FOXTEL’s news, cartoons, documentaries, life-style, music and sports channels are all perfect programming solutions.
  • It sounds obvious, but make sure patients can see the TV in the reclined position - ceiling mounted televisions are easier to install than you may think.
  • Noise-cancelling headphones deliver TV sound while reducing external noise. Closed captioning means patients who don’t like headphones still won’t miss the action.
  • Infection control is also easy to implement - plastic bagging can be used to cover the remote and headphones if they are used in the surgery.
  • Multi-room functionality means each room can choose separate programs.


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Staying Safe

Staying Safe

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