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30 Sep 2011 | Auxiliary

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New X-Floss and X-Ribbon developed in Australia

Oral Hygiene Prevention

The new Australian dental company iDontix has developed two unique oral care products for implant and periodontal maintenance. X-Floss and X-Ribbon were invented by Lise Slack, an Australian dental hygienist with 30 years experience in mainly perio and prosthodontic practices.

Both products were launched in Australia in July 2011. X-Ribbon is a broad gauze floss designed to wrap around a tooth like a fluffy towel after a shower. This gauze floss is effective at cleaning larger tooth surfaces, for example long 'perio' teeth and diastemas. X-Ribbon can be used against a tilted tooth to prevent a pseudo pocket developing. Distal to the last molars are often difficult for patients to reach. The X-Ribbon wraps around these teeth and helps prevent decay or gingivitis. X-Ribbon can also be used against the tooth surfaces adjacent to spaces left by a missing tooth. The distal cantilevers of fixed implant dentures and dental bars can also be cleaned effectively with X-Ribbon. Alternatively, X-Floss consists of a firm threader with bulky floss attached to it. The principle of special bridge/implant floss is familiar to dental professionals however there is an unspoken need for a floss which is more effective and easier to use. The firm threader makes it easier for patients to get through under bridges and to reach over the deep flanges of fixed upper dentures supported by implants. The bulky floss cleans properly under bridges, around implants supporting dentures and the abutments of implant bars. X-Floss can be used to clean under the wide 'tulip' shaped crowns of single posterior implants. Adult patients with orthodontic appliances can use X-Floss to clean in between teeth by using the threader to reach the interproximal spaces. X-Floss can be purchased from Erskine Dental. Practices can order online at or by calling Erskine Dental's toll free number 1800-817-155.

Staying Safe

Staying Safe


Staying Safe

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