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31 Jul 2020 | Oral Hygiene

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Dentevents.tv is a brand new website for the dental profession that offers a broad range of video-based content focussed on all aspects of dentistry - from clinical, to technology, to management, marketing and more. Sign in for FREE and watch hundreds of on-demand videos, with more being added every day. Some videos even offer CPD! A selection of videos that will interest dental hygienists and oral health therapists appear below - or browse the website for many many more.

Protect What's Behind the Mask

Presented by Leann Keefer

Duration: 1:17:15 - AVAILABLE ON DEMAND

CPD: 1 Hour

Selecting the appropriate face mask is a key component to minimize the spread of potentially infectious diseases. Fit, filtration, materials, and construction are all factors when considering personal protective equipment and this course provides a comprehensive overview of each.

Stainless Steel Crowns Indications and Techniques

Presented by Dr Joel H Berg

Duration: 0:58:46 - AVAILABLE ON DEMAND

CPD: 1 Hour

This presentation is designed for the practitioner who seeks to learn more about the ideas and recommendations to help identify the need for stainless-steel crowns in primary molars and support more predictable clinical outcomes.

The ROI Behind Adopting Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)

Presented by Kimiko Alvarez-Batac and Dr Tony Saad

Duration: 0:32:28 - AVAILABLE ON DEMAND

CPD: 0.5 Hours

GBT is rapidly growing and many dental practices are considering investing in AIRFLOW® technology as a way to grow their practice and for good reason. GBT helps increase production and the ROI is tangible.

Solving the Mystery of Accurate Instrument Sharpening

Presented by Tami Wanless

Duration: 0:47:12 - AVAILABLE ON DEMAND

CPD: 0.75 Hours

Discover the top three sharpening mistakes and learn how to correct them once and for all. An effective approach to manual sharpening will be reviewed. Learn how to get your instruments sharp the first time!

Watch hundreds of videos on-demand for FREE at www.dentevents.tv

Staying Safe



Staying Safe

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