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01 Sep 2004 | Auxiliary

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Victorian Dental Assistants' Association Inc. Seminar

By Mrs Patricia Spears

ORAL HYGIENE INFECTION CONTROL   Cleans, lubricates and sterilizes in 12 minutes! 6 instruments are cleaned, lubricated and sterilized at once... Sept/Oct 2004 Experience cleaner handpieces and turbines, increase handpiece life and save time in the practice with the DAC Universal combination autoclave. Cleaner handpieces and turbines Cleaning instruments before sterilizing them is essential for successful sterilization. The DAC Universal is able to clean the internal channels of the handpieces, contra angles and turbines. During the external wash the instruments are washed twice with cold water (pulse wash) and once with hot water. This process removes biofilm and dirt faster and more effectively. It is normally very difficult to clean the channels manually. The DAC Universal is able to thoroughly clean the instruments both internally and externally, thereby ensuring they are optimally prepared for sterilization. Tests have shown that the number of repairs to handpieces, contra angles and turbines are reduced as a result of the fact that dirt is removed from the internal channels in the instruments and thanks to the extremely thorough and consistent maintenance of the instruments. This extends the lifetime of the handpieces, contra angles and turbines. The absence of dirt in the internal channels reduces the amount of repair work resulting from damage caused by dirt inside the instruments. Save time Using the DAC Universal reduces the time spent cleaning (A & C) and lubricating (B) the handpieces, contra angles and turbines manually. Moreover, as the DAC Universal is a highly efficient autoclave, it ensures a fast process, thereby reducing the time spent on cleaning, maintenance and sterilization procedures in the practice. Sterilisation The DAC Universal has three sterilization processes which the user can choose between. The three programmes are: • 134oC - 3-minute sterilization • 134oC - 18-minute sterilization • 121oC - 15-minute sterilization The basic principle behind each sterilization process in the DAC Universal autoclave is the use of a back-flush mechanism. Back-flushing (D) ensures that the saturated steam is forced through the instruments, thereby sterilizing the internal channels as well as the external parts of the handpieces and turbines. Unique design and quality Unique design and quality are essential to Nitram Dental. Nitram Dental is certified according to the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO13485:2003 standards by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. The Serum Institute of Denmark has tested the performance of the DAC Universal combination autoclave according to the European standard EN 13060:2004. The DAC Universal carries the CE mark and is approved by the FDA. The DAC Universal is a low-noise autoclave. For more information, contact Mark Burns at Halas Dental on 0419-423-194 or 1300-658-822.


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