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31 Mar 2018 | Oral Hygiene

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Introducing new hylodent™ oral health care with hyaluronic acid

Xand Innovations has launched a brand new range of premium oral healthcare products made in Germany that contain hyaluronic acid and probiotics. The Hylodent™ range will only be available through dental practices and includes toothpaste, mouthwash, gum serum, lozenges and more.

Oral health and its link to general health is increasingly playing a key role in the awareness of dental treatments as well as in patients' concerns.

Oral pathogenic bacteria are linked to general health issues and chronic diseases. The maintenance of a balanced oral microflora plays a key role in either the success of dental or oral surgical treatments as well as a healthy patient. A dramatic global increase in chronic diseases and cancer in the last 10 years triggers the need for understanding scientifically proven facts that co-factor with poor nutrition, oxidative stress, vitamin deficiencies and the need to eliminate oral pathogenic bacteria to maintain or generate sound full body health.

Hylodent products aim in improving oral health and claim to exclude ingredients that are in discussion to cause health problems. Hylodent ingredients are displayed openly and clearly, using simple language to explain the story behind the products and can be seen on their website The first thought while creating Hylodent products is not only what needs to be included, but what needs to be excluded. Sustainability is one of the major goals of Hylodent products to be achieved. Consumers are entitled to make informed decisions from understanding what might be contained in their daily-use products. Hylodent represents a unique blend of ingredients to create biological products with less chemicals and a better understanding of the beneficial function natural ingredients and herbs have to offer.

The scientific head behind the Hylodent products, Prof. Marcel Wainwright, for more than 8 years focused on the intraoral application of Hyaluronic acid in periodontal treatment and oral surgery. His knowledge about the significant benefits of Hyaluronic acid is extensive.

Hyaluronic acid is well known for its antibacterial effect, moisturising ability, cell-promoting behaviour and anti-inflammatory capacity. These were reasons enough to add this natural component in many of the Hylodent products. The benefits of Hyaluronic Acid in other medical fields like pulmonology, orthopaedics, ophthalmology and lung diseases have been proven over many years and its application in oral treatments is increasing. This convinced Prof. Wainwright to apply these benefits into oral healthcare products and dental treatment protocols. In addition, the role of probiotics has received high interest in the treatment of caries and periodontal diseases over the last 10 years with promising scientific data. To complete the biological thinking in oral healthcare products it was clear to add these components to the Hylodent range.

To complete the biological ingredient list in the Hylodent products, natural herbs instead of harsh chemicals was added to Hylodent products as they were proven to work over hundreds of years to decrease oral pathogenic bacteria.

Last but not least, the entire Hylodent product line is manufactured in Germany under strict controls and protocols to pass high standard requirements with open traceability.

Hylodent represents high quality, bio botanical ingredients with unique additives to generate and maintain oral health, to provide customers with a unique product range for oral healthcare.





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