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Philips Sonicare: Can a toothbrush contribute to a healthy heart?

Oral Hygiene Prevention

In an age partly symbolised by our rising dietary preferences such as "clean-eating" and the uptake of fitness regimes such as "CrossFit", we could categorise this generation as our most health-conscious yet.

And... while oral health is generally seen as an important component to staying healthy, for many it's not prioritised as a vital component, as seen by the rise of issues such as dental decay locally and globally.

Which begs the question, why? Current research tells us of the dramatic impact that oral hygiene can have on a person's general health. With issues such as periodontal disease coming to the fore for many patients, the risk of this disease leading to other serious conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, is becoming all the more likely.

Periodontal disease may create an oral wound that permits invasive oral microorganisms, giving them the opportunity to potentially spread through the body via the cardiovascular system, causing a systematic infectious and inflammatory burden with potential long term effects overall.1 These ill effects can add to a person's potential to suffer from heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke.

These are worrisome reports, yet there's also an opportunity for the dental community to use this evidence to educate patients about the benefits of implementing better oral health practices to maintain good health and help prevent illness.

With almost 23% of adults in Australia having experienced a prevalence of moderate or severe periodontal disease,2 it's essential that we focus on the prevention of this disease. It's important that we continue to guide patients on the ways that they can maintain their daily oral care regime to maintain a healthy mouth but that we also go a step further, sharing our knowledge about how an important routine can lessen the risk of much wider systemic health issues.

Our education needn't focus on fear but rather on the many solutions we have available to us today to implement a good oral health regime. Aside from regular dental visits, patients should consider investing in products that they can trust will help them implement a strong daily oral care routine.

The Philips Sonicare Flex Care + Sonic Electric Toothbrush provides patients with an effective at-home tool to improve their gum health using technology proven to drive fluid deep between the teeth and along the gum line for cleaner teeth and healthier gums, helping to prevent future oral health issues. Principal Dentist at Quality Dental in Sydney and Philips Ambassador, Dr Luke Cronin is a strong advocate of preventive oral health care, "I'll always recommend that my patients invest in a reputable electric toothbrush as part of their daily oral health care routine," he said. "Over time, I've seen improvements in brushing contribute to patients' enhanced overall oral health and this in turn is likely to reduce the risk of wider systemic health issues for the patient. A focus on building and sustaining good oral health is a key component of a healthy body."


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