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31 Aug 2022 | Oral Hygiene

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How can you make a practice more efficient?

Dentistry has gone through many changes over the past two years with factors such as the pandemic and staff shortages to name a few. All dentists and practice staff understand these challenges well, yet finding ways to work with them and remain efficient as a business is the key to navigating them, both now and for the future.

The solution

Practice efficiency is not necessarily about speeding up treatment time but about streamlining all the peripheral, but necessary, elements of a dental appointment, leaving more time for the clinical aspects and reducing the frustrations often experienced at the front desk.

The technology required to streamline these workflows is already here, along with the expert help and advice to integrate the systems that can transform the future of your practice. EXACT, the leading practice management solution, helps dental practitioners like you to automate many of the tasks that would have once been designated to admin staff, not only elevating practice efficiency but providing your team with the time they need to:

  • Focus on delivering an enhanced patient experience;
  • Manage their workload more effectively and reduce work-related stress; and
  • Drive success and hit those all-important practice KPIs.

Here's just a few ways how...

Introduce patient portal

Patient Portal allows practices to send forms direct to a patient's mobile device, prior to an appointment, enabling patients to complete forms at home, in advance. This benefits the practice, reducing the time needed for administrative tasks and avoiding duplication of effort. Better still, patients spend less time in the surgery, which is a real bonus especially if they are busy or anxious.

Offer online appointment booking

Online booking is now considered the norm. Integrating this small change can make a dramatic difference to the patient's overall experience, providing a higher level of convenience and less admin work for the reception team.

Streamline form filling

Creating a digital workflow for forms smooths out the experience for patients and reduces duplications and the chance of error. Clinipad provides a streamlined way for patients to update their medical history and consents, as well as including a host of other forms. Completed forms are submitted electronically and sent direct into the patient's file - eliminating the need for scanning and document filing.

This, alongside tools such as automated recalls/reminders and remote form filling, means that as a practice you can ultimately rest easy knowing your dental software is taking care of the "boring stuff" while you can get back to delivering your vital services safely.

The switch

While transitioning to a new Practice Management System can feel daunting, EXACT offers support every step of the way, allowing you to turn challenges into success.

Their hands-on approach, means they take the stress away from you; guiding you at every stage, with all the tools and support you need to run a great business, so you can focus on more of what matters - patient care.

"The transition was much easier than I thought it would be. EXACT is very logical," said Dr John Collins from Collins Dental House in Perth.

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