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Millions of Australians brush off warning signs of gum disease

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One in 5 Australians suffer from gum problems1 - and many don't even know it. More than half (53%) of Australians admit that they have ignored or dismissed the early signs of the disease.


The research from leading oral care brand, Oral-B, reveals that alarmingly people are dismissing the signs and symptoms, despite the fact that two in three (64%) are aware that gum problems can lead to irreversible damage, including tooth loss, if left untreated.2

Oral-B is urging Australians to check their teeth and gums and if they experience any of the signs and symptoms of gum problems such as redness in their mouth, swelling, or bleeding when brushing to "Rid the Red". These signs and symptoms are an indicator of poor oral health and gum problems, which may be prevented - and even reversed - before it's too late.

The call comes as Oral-B launches its new Gum Care toothpaste range with three toothpastes with dual action technology, which help to revitalise gums and restore weakened enamel in two weeks (with continued use).

Oral-B consultant, Clinical Associate Professor Matthew Hopcraft, is joining the call on Australians to Rid the Red and to remember the importance of practising good oral hygiene.

"It's alarming that so many Australians are complacent about the state of their oral health, especially when so many of the problems that dentists see can be prevented. Quite simply, if patients experience anything red in their mouth or while brushing - red gums, swelling or bleeding - they need to act fast to Rid the Red as it's an early indicator that something is wrong.

"Far too often the signs and symptoms get left untreated as patients brush them away, unaware of the potential long-term damage that gum problems can have. Early stage gum problems, such as Gingivitis, which affects one in five Australian adults, is reversible but only with early intervention and good oral hygiene.

"The new Oral-B Gum Care helps to inhibit plaque bacteria growth between brushings and reduce tartar formation, which when sitting underneath the gum line can cause gum problems," he said. The new Oral-B Gum Care range is a clinical breakthrough to help promote and maintain healthy gums. The Oral-B Gum Care range features ActivRepair™ technology, which is proven to work at the gum line to target both gum and enamel problems.

The Oral-B Gum Care toothpaste contains Stabilised Stannous Fluoride (as used in Oral-B Pro Health toothpaste), which works by helping to form a protective layer on the teeth, fighting plaque bacteria along the gum line and slowing bacterial re-growth and also helps to restore the weakened enamel.

The new Oral-B Gum Care toothpaste range features three new toothpastes to help meet and treat the specific needs of consumers:

Oral-B Gum Care & Enamel Restore 110g

Oral-B Gum Care & Enamel Restore helps to revitalise gums and restores weakened enamel in two weeks (with continued use). It promotes healthy gums by fighting plaque bacteria along the gumline and slowing its re-growth. The stannous fluoride re-mineralises enamel where it's weakened to protect and strengthen teeth.

Oral-B Gum Care & Sensitivity Repair 110g

Oral-B Gum Care and Sensitivity Repair relieves sensitivity pain and revitalises gums. It promotes healthy gums by fighting plaque bacteria along the gumline and slowing its re-growth whilst forming a therapeutic layer around the tooth to repair painful sensitivity and prevent future causes of sensitivity.

Oral-B Gum Care & Extra Fresh 110g

Oral-B Gum Care and Extra Fresh revitalises gums in two weeks, whilst also fighting the root cause of bad breath. It promotes healthy gums by fighting plaque along the gumline and slowing its re-growth whilst addressing the root cause of bad breath. The invigorating sensation of the paste leaves the mouth feeling fresh and clean after use.

Complementing the range are two Oral-B Gum Care brushes, Precision Gum Care and Compact Gum Care, which feature ultra-thin bristles and a compact head for deeper cleaning to reach those hard to reach areas.

Dr Hopcraft said, "Many toothpastes only help to remove plaque but don't actively control it, which means that plaque can rapidly regrow during the day, resulting in gum problems occurring over time.

"Gum problems can vary in severity. In more severe cases, gum disease can lead to irreversible damage to the supporting structures of the teeth, resulting in gum recession and eventually tooth loss. There are also links between gum disease and severe health conditions.

"The new Oral-B Gum Care range provides a dedicated solution to help promote healthy gums. Patients should consult with their dental professional to address gum issues."


  1. National Survey Adult Oral Health (p.134 - prevalence 19.7%) Slade GD, Spencer AJ, Roberts-Thomson KF (Editors). Australia's dental generations: the National Survey of Adult Oral Health 2004-06.
  2. Omnibus survey conducted by Pure Profile. Sample size of 1,000 men and women, aged 18-65+ in Australia, January 2017.


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