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31 Jan 2015 | Auxiliary

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New HD Mirrors from Hu-Friedy

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According to experts, 99% of diagnostics in dental is visual. In order for clinicians to deliver accurate diagnoses, their mouth mirror needs to provide the highest degree of clarity and visibility.

Standard rhodium-coated mirrors offer average clarity and visibility, keeping the clinician from reaching the highest level of performance.

Hu-Friedy's new High Definition Mirrors feature a proprietary coating that provides superior brilliance and colour for increased visibility in all dental procedures. Also scratch-resistant, the HD mirrors are the clear choice for optimal patient treatment.

Hu-Friedy HD mirrors offer:

  • 113% reflection factor for exceptional image clarity;
  • 38.5% brighter than rhodium coated mirrors;
  • 50% brighter than other front surface mirrors;
  • Scratch-resistant for product longevity; and
  • Large ergonomic handle options.

The new High Definition mirrors from Hu-Friedy are made from a proprietary material and images viewed in the new HD mirrors are 38.5% brighter than rhodium coated front surface mirrors. Additionally, the new HD Mirrors have a 113% reflection factor for exceptional image clarity. Both Hu-Friedy's rhodium coated and high definition mirrors are scratch resistant.

The new mirror heads are compatible with the current mirror handles and most other standard cone socket mirror handles.

The new mirrors are available in 3, 4 and 5 inch sizes. The #3 Mirror will be available in single sided, while #4 & #5 mirrors will be available in both single and double sided options.




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